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Writing a Strong Thesis Statement

By Elizabet

April 22, 2019

Elements that go into Writing Strong Thesis Statements

A thesis statement needs to be affirmative. It needs to make a point and sound confident. When writing a thesis paper, it is essential for one to write a strong thesis statement as an introduction to the paper.

A strong thesis statement must intrigue the reader into wanting to know more. It must include a summary of the contents of the paper, the author’s point of view, and objective behind writing the paper. The thesis statement must hold facts and figures backed by substantial proof. At the same time, a strong thesis statement is also a crisp statement that does not waver from the topic in question.

What Should You Do First?

Choose your topic. It is an obvious that before attempting to write a thesis statement, one must have a topic in hand. If a topic has not been assigned, one must narrow on a topic that one strongly believes in. Research on the topic and make points on what you think you can write on. Avoid a topic you do not completely comprehend or agree with.

The Right Approach to Your Topic

Writing strong thesis statements is not a simple task. It requires time and energy. Once the topic has been researched and narrowed down on, it is essential to highlight the sub-topics. To do this, convert your topic into a question. Make an attempt to respond in one concise sentence. Your response must carry the key elements of your paper, your stance, and the agenda behind writing the thesis. These points – all summarised into a crisp sentence should form a part of your thesis statement.

This is one way that can assure you a good head-start towards writing strong thesis statements.

A strong thesis statement is one that sounds confident and challenging. Make a strong statement and back it up with evidence. Do not risk sounding ambiguous. Have proof for everything you state – dates, facts, figures, etc.

In addition to this, determine the tone of your thesis paper and imply the same in your thesis statement. If your paper is of an argumentative nature or a discussion or a simple explanation, maintain the same when writing thesis statements. Thesis statements are a reflection of your thesis paper.

The Final Touch

Don’t be surprised if you find the need to alter your thesis statement while writing your thesis paper. It is natural. You may come across new points or may have a change of opinion that may make you perceive the topic in a different light. Always make sure to go back to your thesis statement from time to time and keep it updated.

A strong thesis sentence is successfully penned with the prime purpose of rousing the readers’ curiosity with titillating highlights from your paper. This being backed by equally strong facts that make your statement not only sound unambiguous but also genuine.