Research Proposal Examples

Research Proposal Examples

By Elizabet

April 22, 2019

We all know how important to have a reference material when writing a thesis paper. This material can help us in many ways. For example, you will learn how to choose a topic, build the thesis statement or even learn how to cite sources of info. In addition to such benefits in using samples, it is also important that the proposal will become the guide in writing all the parts of the paper. This way, the writer will have an idea what to include in the actual thesis papers. What is the proposal? When you are tasked to compose a research paper, you will not be able to do the research right away. You need the approval of your adviser before you can continue with your goal of producing research results. Therefore, research proposal examples can be a big help in writing a proposal.

Before you search for some research proposal examples online, let us also give you the basic parts of a regular proposal. This way, you will have an idea what to write in the paper even without the help of a sample. Let us begin with the introduction. The introduction part is the host of the thesis statement. It gives the proposal a certain direction as to what topics to include in the research. The intro provides an overview of the writer’s mission and goal. Therefore, it will become the point where all things will be discussed and make the entire thesis adhere to.

Another part of the research proposal is the literature review. Obviously, it will not have any contents yet since you are still on the draft stage. However, you can discuss where you will be getting your resource materials. As you know, the literature review is a summary of different materials that relate to your topic of interest. Therefore, you can enumerate your possible sources and explain why you think those sources are useful to your paper.

Next, write the methods part of the proposal. This chapter will contain explanations on how you will do your research. For example, it will provide details on how you will acquire the different sets of data to support your thesis statement. Then, you also need to provide some explanations how you will use such data to build the results of the thesis. In this case, writing the methodology part of the proposal means explaining how you will go about the research process. This is important especially if you wish your adviser to approve your proposal right away.

The last part of the research proposal examples is the conclusion. This part of the proposal will contain your assumptions or guesses on what the research will produce after the activity. It will also deal with what you expect to come up with after the research. Therefore, you need to provide your assumptions to the adviser to let him see whether your research goal is feasible or not.