Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an essay cost?

Saying exactly how much an essay will cost precisely on your topic and task will only be possible after we know what to write and in what volume. Therefore, the exact and final cost will be indicated only after placing the order. Just fill out the order form and within a couple of hours you will find out the answer to this question.

Can I write an essay in 1 day?

Yes. We can prepare an essay for the day, provided that the topic does not imply time-consuming analysis and the essay does not need to be written in Japanese. But we recommend not to allow such situations when you have to write work in urgent mode!

Is the contract concluded when ordering an essay?

Yes. We work under the contract. Our activities are in the legal field so legal guarantees are also fully respected.

Are guarantees for work already written?

Yes, the warranty period is valid for 15 days. At this time, you are entitled to a free correction of the essay (if required).

How does uniqueness of an essay increase?

We do not resort to artificially uniquely essay by using automated systems to bypass plagiarism checks! It’s easier for us to initially come up with our own creative approach.